Bill Morrissey at The Turning Point, March 14, 1996

From: (Steven Misa)
Subject: Bill Morrissey and, uh, "warm pigs"
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X-netcom-date: Fri Mar 15  6:52:44 AM PST 1996

Hey Bill Morrissey fans!
Last night's Bill Morrissey show at the Turning Point in Piermont NY
was a thing to behold.  He said that he hadn't toured for the last
couple of months because he was working on a new album in New Orleans
with some of the best session guys down there.  Also will be
appearances by Dr John, Prof Longhair, the usual suspects....
He also has a book coming out this month called EDSON, about a New
Hampshire mining town.  He says that the words "gray" and "Bourbon" are
used a lot.
Well anyway back to the show.  He took many requests, he didn't have a
set list.  In addition to his old stuff, (Birches, Inside, Morrissey
Falls in Love, Ice Fishing, Handsome Molly, and many more), he played
some great new stuff.  He also did a few lines of "Drinking with Greg"
to the tune of "Fishing with Bill".   He was in great form.  It was the
best show I've seen him do.

Oh yeah, about the "warm pigs" thing.  You'll have to ask Bill next
time you see him.  He said that it would probably end up on the
Internet today, I didn't want to let him down.