Bill Morrissey in Performance

[Bill performing]
photo by Dennis Quinn (April 8, 2000)

Song Date Length PLAY
Format File Size
Different Currency October 10, 1998 3:18 PLAY RealAudio 80Kbps stereo 2006K
Inside April, 2000 2:43 PLAY mp3 128Kbps stereo 2561K
Girls of Santa Fe February 21, 1988 2:05 PLAY RealAudio 80Kbps stereo 1262K
Small Town on the River January 30, 1983 4:03 PLAY RealAudio 40Kbps mono 1240K
PLAY RealAudio 80Kbps stereo 2464K
PLAY mp3 112Kbps stereo 3319K
When Summer's Ended February 2, 1996 3:27 PLAY RealAudio 80Kbps stereo 2099K
Winter Laundry January 11, 1997 3:30 PLAY RealAudio 80Kbps stereo 2136K
PLAY mp3 112Kbps stereo 2876K

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