Bill Morrissey in the Press, 1996

This is a partial list of reviews and interviews in 1996, the year in which both Edson and You'll Never Get to Heaven were released.

Press and Publicity

New York Sunday Times:
     Interview in "Arts and Leisure" section, April 7, 1996
     Review of CD in May 6, 1996 issue
     Review the CD and book in June 1996 issue 
     Piece on Bill in May 1996 issue 
Acoustic Guitar:
     Feature with interview in June 1996 issue
     Feature during April 1996
Rhythm and News:
     Feature on Bill in April 1996 issue
Manhattan File:
     Review of CD and book
NY Review of Records:
     Feature, review of CD and book in April 1996 issue
     Review of CD and book in May 1996 issue 
     Lead review of CD and book in May 1996 issue
Venice Magazine:
     Feature on Bill in April/May 1996 issue
Stereo Review:
     Review of CD for May 1996 issue 
Music Monthly:
     Review of CD in May 1996 issue 
     Feature on Bill in June 1996 issue 
L. A. Film and Music:
     Feature on Bill in June(?) 1996 issue
Alternative Press:
     Review of book in "Literature" section of June 1996 issue 
Cover Story:
     Feature on Bill
Aquarian Weekly:
     Interview feature with Bill
Performing Songwriter:
     Will do feature
Guitar World Acoustic (new magazine put out by Guitar World):
     Feature story on Bill
Island Ear:
     Will do feature in May 1996 issue
CD Review:
     Will review CD
Berkshire [Mass.] Eagle:
     Feature on CD and book by Seth Rogovoy in April 19, 1996 issue
Boston Pheonix
     Feature article and excerpt from book, April 11, 1996
Foster's Daily Democrat [N.H.]
     Feature on Bill in April 11, 1996 Arts section
The New Yorker
     Preview of Bottom Line show in April 22, 1996 issue (p. 18)
         "In both mediums, this gentle New Englander displays an extraordinary flair for detail."
Entertainment Weekly
     Review of book in May 3, 1996 issue
New England Folk Almanac
     Reviews of book and album, interview, and photos in June-July, 1996 issue
Sing Out!
     Review of album in Aug./Sep./Oct. 1996 issue (vol. 41, no. 2)
     You'll Never Get to Heaven makes staff writer's list of top ten of 1996
     Comments on Edson and You'll Never Get to Heaven in Dec. 1996 issue

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