Edson (A Novel by Bill Morrissey)

Bill Morrissey's first book, Edson, was released on April 11, 1996. It is published by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. [Cover of Edson]

Excerpt -- the beginning of the novel:

The first snowstorm of the year snuck into New Hampshire as a light dusting that blew itself off the road as soon as it touched down, as if apologizing for the inconvenience. But no one was fooled. People hurried about their business, eyeing the clouds as they loaded the last of the cordwood into garages and cellars, finished weather-stripping the windows, inspected snow blowers and told themselves they might be able to coax one more season out of them. At dusk the wind died down and the wisps of snow gave way to fat white flakes. The leaves still on the hardwood trees and the needles on the evergreens trapped the snow until the weight forced the branches to point to the ground. The season had suddenly changed.


See Bill Morrissey in the Press, 1996 for a list of other reviews.

Press Release

(The following is the original press release about the book, from Rounder Records.)


For Immediate Release April 5th, 1995
Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. have recently signed an agreement with Bill Morrissey to publish his recently finished novel tentatively titled Edson. Edson is a fictional town in New Hampshire where most of the action in the book takes place. Singer- songwriter Bill Morrissey is mmost noted for his critically acclaimed albums on Philo/Rounder Records. Bill's songwriting has always had special literary qualities and it seemed a natural progression for him to write a book. The book is scheduled for a March 1996 release. Also in March 1996, Philo/Rounder will release a brand new album of Bill's. Following these releases, Bill will do a three month book and album tour with a backing trio. Normally we would include a nice quote from the artist here, however, Bill is currently unreachable for comment as he is fly fishing in Alaska. (end of release)

Ordering Edson

Edson is available at most bookstores. Is may also be ordered electronically from Amazon.com Books.

Reading (Audio File)

Here is a sound file of Bill Morrissey reading the first chapter of Edson. It is in RealAudio format, 1,633,572 bytes, and lasts over 14 minutes. This reading was given at Border's in Atlanta in May of 1996 and was recorded by Seegar Swanson of Fiddler's Green Coffeehouse, with permission of Bill's management.

Bookstore Appearances

[Sign announcing Bill] In the spring and summer of 1996, following the release of Edson, Bill Morrissey appeared in various bookstores across the country. The general format was a couple of readings from the novel, a few songs, and a period in which he responded to questions from the audience. While no bookstore appearances are currently scheduled, Bill does a reading or two at most of his concerts.
[Bill at reading] [Bill signing his book] [Bill at reading]

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