Bill Morrissey FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)


Q. Why hasn't Bill played [my town]/[my state]/[my country] recently? When will he next be here?
A. Bill's schedule is available at the web site. I have nothing to do with bookings, but generally concerts are scheduled when a venue or promoter works out a deal with a performer's booking agent (and when it fits with the performer's touring plans). Your best bet is probably to talk with receptive venues in your area. If you are interested in booking a concert, you can contact Bill's booking agency, Concerted Efforts.


Q. How can I obtain Bill Morrissey's albums?
A. Bill's catalogue is on Rounder Records and can be ordered from them (1-800-44-DISCS or 1-800-443-4727). Many record stores carry the albums, usually in the "folk" section.
Q. Where can I obtain the original recording of Bill's first album?
A. The album, re-recorded for CD in 1991, is available from Rounder Records and at many record stores. The original vinyl album is long out of print. For finding out-of-print albums, possibilities include used record stores (a few in the U.S. still stock vinyl), rare record dealers, and Goldmine magazine (

Book (Edson)

Q. Where can I buy Edson?
A. Edson is stocked at many bookstores in North America. Other sources include on-line bookstores such as

Writing to Bill Morrissey

Q. How can I write to Bill?
A. In care of Concerted Efforts (P.O. Box 600099, Newtonville, MA 02460) or Sage Productions.

Web Site

Q. What is the URL for the web site?

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Please see The Bill Morrissey Discussion Group page.

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